Tyson Creek Project

The Tyson Creek Hydroelectric Project is a 9.3 megawatt hydroelectric plant located on the west coast of BC in the Sechelt area of the Sunshine Coast Regional District.

The Tyson Creek Plant was constructed in 2008 – 2009 and was declared operational in December 2009. RPC worked with several specialist firms to build this project. Canyon Hydro built the turbine, and Unit Electrical Engineering supplied the transformer and switchgear. The main contractors involved in the construction where Three Point Equipment, Ruskin Construction and Procon Mining and Tunnelling.
Due to location and design factors, Tyson Creek has one of the the highest capacity factors (average megawatts delivered versus total ability of the plant) of any hydro project built to date. It operates at  an approximate capacity 70% to 80% of the time, versus the industry average of 40% to 60%. The site features a natural 875 meter drop, which is the highest head of any hydro plant in North America, enabling it to efficiently generate energy year round. The plant has a peak capacity of 9.3 megawatts and will, on average, provides power to approximately 5500 homes. The project was sold to BluEarth Renewables in 2015.


The site is 50 km north of the town of Sechelt, and is situated at the northern end of the Narrows Inlet, in the Tzoonie River valley.  Tyson Creek flows into the Tzoonie River which then empties into Narrows Inlet.